Our Story

Mr. Sailesh, a passionate pharmacist committed to health and innovation, is the inventive mind behind Bliss Body. Mr. Sailesh went on a journey that led to the birth of Bliss Body, inspired by his mother’s fight with diabetes and a desire to make a difference.

It all started with the goal of transforming millets and naturally plant-based compositions into delicious, nutritional solutions. Sailesh’s goal was to make goods that not only taste good but also improve gut health and overall well-being, in line with the preferences of discerning consumers around the world.

Bliss Body arose as a monument to Sailesh’s passion to improve lives via novel feeding, backed by rigorous research and a BIRAC BIG award. It’s more than a brand; it’s a commitment to reimagining the way we nourish ourselves.

Our Mission

Harness the power of nature’s finest elements, to empower the world through advanced solutions.

Our Vision

Be a significant player in the health and wellness industry by transforming nutrition and wellness.

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Health

In today’s world, environmental pollution is a growing concern, with plastics playing a significant role. Plastics, made from polymers like polyethylene (used in polybags), polypropylene, polyethyltetrapthalate (PET bottles), bubble films, and thermocol, are deeply embedded in our daily lives. A recent study highlights the alarming presence of microplastics in our drinking water, posing severe risks to both the environment and human health. These microplastics contribute to health issues such as weight gain, reproductive health damage, diabetes, and certain cancers.

At Bliss Body, we are dedicated to sustainability. Our packaging is entirely sustainable, including tertiary packaging. We use glass bottles for our health drinks and protect them during transport with innovative packaging material made from crop waste. Each year, billions of tons of paddy waste are burned, significantly contributing to air pollution. By utilizing this biodegradable packaging material, we not only reduce plastic use but also mitigate air pollution, thus improving both health and environmental quality.

Why Millets?

Our primary ingredient is millet, a crop that requires significantly less water than other crops. Millets are drought-resistant and can thrive in various environmental conditions. Rich in essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals, millets are a powerhouse of nutrition.

Dual Benefits

Our product is designed to improve health while also protecting the environment. By choosing Bliss Body, you are not only opting for a nutritious beverage but also supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Together, we can make a difference—one bottle at a time.