Yoga is a science which works on the consciousness of an individual, using the integrated system of techniques to develop the hidden potentials to the fullest. The fundamental aim of Yoga is to use this ancient holistic system of health and wellbeing to bring harmony, integration, higher awareness, wisdom, peace and love in our lives. Besides this, Yoga also helps to recognise the Sanskaras in our minds, which is the real cause of dullness in our minds, giving physical and mental illness. Every person in the world carries a different cultural, educational, traditional and environmental back ground, with which one is borne. On the basis of that, our personalities, behaviours and habits are developed which take us to the next level of our physical, mental and material growth. But Yoga provides us with a platform where we all shed our dull sanskaras or actions to work towards the inner peace and once we get connected, we can bring peace, love, compassion and balance outside to the people and surroundings.

YOGA THERAPY course helps people to identify their limitations at physical, mental, emotional and energy level and teaches you the techniques to maintain highest physical efficiency, purification and relaxation of all the organs, moral mental perfection and longevity. The course helps people to understand the concept of “Self Healing Through Self Awareness” with an approach of personal understanding, practice and care that cures the disease through awareness, using different tools and techniques of Yoga.

The course is designed for the yoga therapists, yoga teachers, healers, physiotherapists, healers, fitness professionals to keep the deeper understanding of all the three components of human personality i.e. body, mind and soul, is also equipped to root out the basic cause of disease. It helps you to learn to bring the body to its optimum wellbeing or Perfect Health.


YOGA THERAPY AND ITS PRINCIPLES: Using the curative and recuperative value of Yoga, it can be directly applied on the functional disorders of human body, including the chronic and psychosomatic disorders. It helps to place the body at the level of creativity, harmony, peace, moral and social soundness.

BODILY SYSTEM STUDY: Know your body at a deeper level of its anatomy and functionality to better understand the impact of external world on it and how it can be cured.

DISEASES AND ITS CAUSES: Due to the aggravation in the body at different elemental level, there is vitiation of doshas, which can give certain unhealthy conditions of the body. Learn how to handle the different conditions using the ancient healing techniques.

CURATIVE VALUE OF YOGA ASANAS: The yoga postures have its own therapeutic benefits besides giving the right posture and balanced mental state to the body. Learn the right sequence of asanas combined with pranayama or meditation to heal dis-ease factors of the body.

YOGIC DIET: Food has a deeper impact on the construction of our body. We become what we eat and everybody needs the food according to its natural constitution. The yogic diet is the combination of all the natural foods that help our body to stay more calm, peaceful and healthy.

DEEP YOGIC RELAXATION: : Learn the techniques to release, relax and reconnect your mind, body and soul. Only when the body is deeply connected, does it generate its natural healing capabilities. This brings a stable body, peaceful mind and smiling spirit.

SWARA YOGA: Any blockage in the Nadi system can cause the imbalance in different parts of our body. Learn how to open the body so that it acts like an empty vessel free from any disease.

MUDRAS AND MANTRAS FOR HEALING: Mudras and mantras have a deep connection with our psyche. Mantras are the pure vibrations that help us to connect with our higher self and mudras are the gestures to release the blockages through this connection.

SUTRAS FOR STATIC LIFE: Patanjali sutras written 1500 years ago still work as a guideline for us to choose our path for the real purpose on this planet. They give us the moral values which we can use to make our life more focused, targeted and evoluting.

TATTVA SUDDHI: Our body is comprised of five elements and these elements always should be kept in the state of purification. Through different techniques we learn how to cleanse the elements to maintain the wellness and health.

VISUALIZATION MEDITATION: Visualization practices help to develop a strong mind and through this we can command our sub conscious mind to stay more positive. This will command the conscious mind to accept the truth.

TEACHING METHODOLOGY: This prepares you to conduct a session with the people seeking your advice or help to cure the diseases. It includes designing a consultation session, right diagnosis and right treatment for any condition of the body.

YOGIC HYGIENE OR PURIFICATION: Our body is the base of all sadhana activities. The Yama Niyam discipline and other Kriyas help us to learn how to cleanse our body before going into the practice of yoga and meditation.

HERBAL HOME TREATMENTS: Some healthy daily habits and herbal home treatments is a good combination to make our body stay healthy and well throughout the day. Learn the quick recipes that work wonder on any aggravated condition of the body and bring it back to its normal condition.

HEALING MASSAGE: The course provides a bonus massage for the foot and head. This includes the marma therapy for different points in our feet, head and face. It helps to release tension and deep seated pain and stress from different location and helping the body to stay balanced.