Marma Energy Therapy

In this signature healing treatment, the healer focuses on the therapeutic way of releasing the free flow of vital life force or prana in the body. Marma points are those junctions, where two nadis meet and form a point of healing. The healer works through her heart, healing intentions and skills to cure and remove any blockage in the body. This therapy works wonder on the guests suffering from any chronic stiffness, pain or uneasiness. The patients of spinal problems, migraine, headache, insomnia, anxiety or depression can be cured completely. The Spiritual Head Massage included in this treatment gives a complete release to the energy flow, thus helping the mind to be more clear, open and relaxed. The healing hands of the healer remove the stagnant flow of the life force and thus bring the body equilibrium to its optimum level.
Duration / Price: 90 mins. for 100USD - 60 mins. for 80 USD.