Bliss Body is a Wellness Academy that works on the Positive - Psychology of Wellbeing. It designs programmes and courses of teachings and healings for individuals, groups and organizations, helping them to rediscover health and happiness in their lives. Based on the age old Indian Traditional ways of holistic living, Bliss Body is a healthy approach to restore and harmonise the different aspects of human being and to encourage wellness oriented life style. This is an endeavour to balance the mind, body and spirit with the integration of Healing aspects of Yoga and Rejuvenating Philosophy, Dynamic Meditation, Ayurveda Therapy and other personalised Energy Therapies. The health programmes and courses are completely integrated with the need of the individuals and companies based on the psychology of the people, places and their requirements.

Discover optimum wellbeing through the full menu of treatments to experience an emotional renewal of energies. Travel into the world of harmonious spiritualism, dedicated to the rejuvenation of body and the soul and also uplift the senses through specialised treatments based on the ancient therapeutic discipline of Ayurveda Life Therapy, Yoga Therapy and Dynamic Meditation and Bio Field Mechanics.

Explore your physical, mental and emotional status of health to help you understand your unique energetic constitution. The sequence of experiences and programmes of diet and exercises help bring more balance, energy and peace to your entire body.

Bliss Body promotes a life style; that is in harmony with Mother Nature. The Ayurvedic tips and take home information on your life style and dietary changes bring balance into your daily life so that your continuing commitment to your well being can bring you back to a state of vibrant health and radiance.

Yoga in its traditional form helps to restore perfect health and leads to resulting ultimately in eternal bliss and Sat Chit Ananda. The highly effective practices of yoga, focuses primarily on rhythm, dynamism and vitality of the body-mind system.

Going back in times, researching ancient texts, there are few of the experiences that help to revitalize and rejuvenate, like the knowledge gleaned from the secrets of Egyptian princesses, the practices of ancient Rome, the spiritual teachings from the masters of Japan, all have been bought together new ways in the form of Lymph Drainage Therapy, Healing Reiki Massage, tension releasing Reflexology etc.

Bliss Body identifies the psychology of the places and promotes the health education for the tourists with Travel Companies, Corporate, Hospitality Staff, School and Colleges, Spa Training Centres etc.