Tourist Wellness Retreat is an opportunity to revive oneself with the concept of health or wellbeing during your travel at a resort in any country. The programme is designed to regenerate healthy habits and life style, that helps to bring the complete balance with the alignment of the physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies. Learn the ancient healing tools and techniques derived from the authentic literature of healing yoga, dynamic meditation, ayurveda therapy and energy healing. This 7 days plan lists the teachings and healing sessions for 5 hours each day and to learn healthy ways to implement in your daily life based on your inner engineering.

WELLNESS TALK: This includes the individual consultation for 30 minutes to know about the lifestyle and the work and how it is affecting the individual’s health. The healer finds the blockages at the physical, mental, emotional and psychological level to bring awareness about one’s own body. This helps to select the healthy habits that one can select for daily life.

PHYSICAL BALANCE: : Learn a series of healing asanas that work effectively to bring about balance and right posture while sitting, standing or doing your work. The posture when aligned with the breath and consciousness together, brings a magical healing effect on the body. The body adopts stillness while the mind learns the habit to stay silent. This equilibrium brings a perfect health in our body, which helps us to stay established with in oneself.

MENTAL HEALTH: We are the build of our circumstances or our environment, but if we know how to control our thoughts, feelings and ideas and make them more positive and empowered, we can also control the effect of the outside world on us. Simply by increasing the inner awareness through dynamic meditations and breath control, can we get the command to control our mind and make it more intuitive, positive and powerful.

EMOTIONAL RELEASE: Learn how to release the blocked emotions which are caused due to unhealthy relationships, work environment and our exposure to one condition for long. One study says that even one unhealthy emotion is enough to trigger the series of ailments in our body. Identify your negative emotions, know its cause and learn how to release it from the body to bring about the natural balance.

ENERGY HEALING: There are major reservoir of energy in our body known as energy centers that gathers the pools of energy from the universe and store it for the proper functioning of our entire body. Learn the concept of energy healing that works on the chakras and how it helps to balance your entire body in to one unit. The techniques bring self healing through self awareness.

HEALING SESSIONS: : The session includes Spiritual Head Massage, Foot Treatment, Chakra Balancing, Therapeutic Massage and Detox Therapies.