Nimisha Rattan is a Wellness Professional and an experienced practitioner of Alternate Therapies since a decade based in India. For her the idea of wellness includes to completely comprehend the structure of body in all its dimensions and to frequently recognise the limitations or obstructions in the areas of physical, physiological and psychological systems of the body. She believes there is always a cause behind certain condition of the body and till we work on that, our body can never reach to its point of natural balance or equilibrium. Through her consultations or counselling she tries to help people reach that spot of Perfect Health where she guides people to experience physical healing, emotional freedom, mental expansion and higher state of consciousness through her presence and her Holistic Touch. She is a great teacher, who loves to conduct classes based on her own experience with different modules of Healing Yoga, Dynamic Meditations, Ayurveda Lifestyle and Bio field or Energy Medicine. She picks the material as defined in the Ancient Indian Traditional Literature and transforms it in an easy way that integrates completely with the needs of a modern man She provides a wide variety of programmes, retreats and training schedules that help to restore balance, accelerate healing, that encourages transformation at all levels of well being.

Psycho Chakra Healing : CONSULTATION / DIAGNOSIS / ANALYSIS This is a session that diagnosis the imbalance in our energy system and senses the variations in our emotions, thoughts, feelings and energies caused by this imbalance. The healer uses the crystals, the penetrating consciousness and the healing guide lines to cure the symptoms and remove the cause of the ailment. The tools and techniques taught in the session help the guests to adopt a positive and healthy way of life. Also knowing your energy centres and how they are associated with the different levels of our body is a complete education and awareness. It is a simple but effective approach to understand your wellness and adopt a lifestyle based on that.
Duration / Price: 90 mins. for 100 USD - 60 mins. for 80 USD.

Marma Energy Therapy: In this signature healing treatment, the healer focuses on the therapeutic way of releasing the free flow of vital life force or prana in the body. Marma points are those junctions, where two nadis meet and form a point of healing. The healer works through her heart, healing intentions and skills to cure and remove any blockage in the body. This therapy works wonder on the guests suffering from any chronic stiffness, pain or uneasiness. The patients of spinal problems, migraine, headache, insomnia, anxiety or depression can be cured completely. The Spiritual Head Massage included in this treatment gives a complete release to the energy flow, thus helping the mind to be more clear, open and relaxed. The healing hands of the healer remove the stagnant flow of the life force and thus bring the body equilibrium to its optimum level.
Duration / Price: 90 mins. for 100 USD - 60 mins. for 80 USD.

Reiki Massage Therapy : In this programme the guest is consulted first to know the dis alignment in physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies, so that the healer can precisely work on the targeted areas of the body. The therapy is a combination of massage techniques combined well with the energy and healing breath. The healer works to release any problem related to muscle ache, anxiety, stress, insomnia, spinal issues, migraine or headache etc. The use of stone and warm bundles is also infused to release any chronic blockage and thus rejuvenating the life and spirit again. This therapy also carries spiritual head massage and reflex healing on the feet.
Duration / Price: 90 mins. for 110 USD - 60 mins. for 90 USD.

Reflexology : This is a complete “Foot Treatment” meant to work on the marma pressure points on the soul of the feet and the energy lines on the legs. Our feet are the reflexion of our entire body and working on these points actually reflects the healing on the entire internal system of the body. The treatment helps to balance all the respiratory, digestive, reproductive, circulatory system to its optimum health and thus improves the immunity of the body. With more clinical approach and experience many chronic ailments can be cured and helps the body to bring to its natural equilibrium.
Duration / Price: 60 mins. for 90 USD.

Thai Yoga Healing (Therapeutic): Feel the wonders of the body stretches combined with the pressure therapy and reiki to release deep seated pain, stress, tension from each part of the body. Thai yoga is a signature therapeutic process that works on the energy lines, energy points and specific arteries to cure the body from many diseases. It helps in disturbed sleeping patterns, migraine, headache, shoulder stiffness, cervical, sacral pain, sciatic pain and hip stagnation etc. The head and foot pressure points work wonder on the neurological problems in the body. The physical release gives a unique feeling of connectedness to one self, thus helps in complete equilibrium of the body.
Duration / Price: 90 mins. for 110 USD.